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Are your bones ok? Continue taking one serving of calcium supplement each day.

Calcium black beans are a nutritional food for easily and deliciously supplementing your diet with calcium. This product evolved as a result of an employee in our product development division suffering a fractured bone. Ingredients that have been relied upon for many years, such as black soy beans grown in Japan and the calcium from oyster shells, are used to create a calcium to magnesium ratio of 2:1, the perfect balance for the body to absorb calcium. This is be best solution for anyone suffering from insufficient calcium. This is a nutritional food product with a taste that makes it seem like you are having a snack.

Two Flavors (Green Tea and Cocoa)

Photo of calcium black beans, nutritional food for easily obtaining the calciuim required daily

Features of Calcium Black Beans

Calcium  Magnesium
Ca2 : Mg1 Blended balance for easy intake
* 1 serving (14g): blend of 504mg calcium and 252mg magnesium
Black soybeans produced in Japan
We use black soybeans from Japan, known for their deep, rich flavor. Known for their soy isoflavone content.
Calcium from oyster shells
This product is rich in the calcium that Japanese people have in short supply.
Product intake supplemental explanation
  • Calcium is a required nutritive component for the formation of bones and teeth. Target intake per day: Please take one serving each day.
  • Cautions regarding intake methods: This product will not cure illnesses or improve health simply by increasing the volume consumed. Please follow the target intake per day.
  • Ratio of calcium in one serving per day to the standard nutritional value: 72%
  • Unlike specified health food, this product does not receive case-by-case screening from the Japanese Health Minister.
What is health-promoting food (food with nutrient function claims)?

The health-promoting food system was established in April 2001 by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare. These food products are allowed to indicate the functions of nutrional components as long as they are within standards set by the national government.

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