Committment to Bean Quality

We want to check the cultivation of soybeans with our own eyes. Therefore, we produce locally, in Hiroshima.

We want our customers to enjoy safe, delicious calcium black beans. Therefore, we want to continue producing locally, where we can speak directly with farmers and have a look at cultivation conditions with our own eyes from time to time. At the same time, we receive the cooperation of research technicians at agricultral technology centers and JA agricultural management directors in our effort to continue cultivating types of soybeans that have not been produced in Hiroshima before.

Akitomo Shimozuma, Agricultural Management Section, Agricultural Management and Sales Department, Hiroshima Chuo Agricultural Cooperative

We feel strongly about local production for local consumption.

Farming households on the Kamo Highlands have also started using crop rotation to cultivate black soybeans. Successful cultivation of black soybeans leads to an increase in income for farming households. In the process, we can achieve local production for local consumption by avoid the abandonment of cultivatable land.

Cultivation of black soybeans Cultivation inspection

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