Joint Development with Hiroshima University

Joint Development with Hiroshima University

This product was developed together with the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Hiroshima University.

Professor Kazuo Tanne, Doctor of Medical Dentistry  Director, Medical and Social Cooperation Center, Assitant Director-General, Faculty of Medicine, Assistant Director-General, Hiroshima Unversity Hospital Assistant Professor Junji Otani, Doctor of Medical Dentistry, Graduate School of Biomedical Science, Programs for Applied Biomedicine, Division of Cervico-Gnathostomatology, Orthodontics and Craniofacial Developmental Biology
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About Osteoporosis

=Trend line begins to curve when women reach their 40s.

Osteoporosis is a disease in which the structure of bone becomes spongy. Normally, our bodies use a hormone called estrogen to metabolize bone. If there is a reduction in this hormone, bone density also reduces. Women in particular experience a reduction in estrogen after menopause, with many also suffering a rapid drop in bone density.
However, most do not show any visible symptoms, and therefore first realize the drop in their own bone mass only after suffering a fracture.
So, what should be done? The body should make new bone through the metabolization of bone. However, although modern medicine has methods for preventing the deterioration of bone, it is still difficult to increase bone mass.

We are also actively implementing public relations campaigns overseas.

Calcium black beans are popular both in Japan and overseas.

Together with Hiroshima University, we have presented our products at food expos around the world. When people around the world have actually tasted calcium black beans, they enjoyed the flavor, texture, and ease of consumption just as people in Japan do. In order to provide a product that is enjoyed by a large number of people regardless of country, we are actively pursuing public relations and research with an international perspective.

Presented at food expos overseas.
Presented at food expos overseas
Enjoyed by local consumers.
Enjoyed by local consumers
Drawing the attention of representatives of overseas companies.
Drawing the attention of representatives of overseas companies

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