Trigger for Development

Always "happy to move", "happy to work","A meaningful life"! Ishikawa calcium black beans were born from this concept.

I fractured the joint of the small toe on my right foot when I was 55 years old. This was what led me to discover that I suffer from osteoporosis. And then I thought strongly, "I want this company, which has manufactured bean snacks for 80 years, to produce a product for the easy and delicious consumption of calcium". Now I hope that this product can help as many people facing the same circumstances as possible. We want everyone to lead a meaningful life and feel the joy and happiness of moving, rather than becoming confined to bed due to a bone fracture.

Difficulties during Development

To achieve a 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium

A calcium:magnesium blend of 2:1 is ideal for us to intake calcium. During the early development stages, it was not easy to achieve this ideal nutrional balance through the use of safe, natural materials, rather than processed food material.
However, after many failed attempts, we were finally able to create a product that achieves this optimal nutritional balance.

Tamami Ono, Ishikawa Product Development Section   2:1 ratio of Calcium to Magnesium

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